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It’s time for some weekly Wednesday workout advice. Today I’m going to focus on simple home workouts for beginners, that won’t dent your budget. Belonging to a gym can be expensive, and while some people have the motivation to get their money’s worth out of their fancy gym memberships, those of us on a budget find it difficult to do anything besides binge watch Netflix in bed after finally getting home from a stressful work day.

Luckily, I’ll show you a few basic beginner (in-home) exercises that won’t cost a dime. These will motivate you to slip on your running shoes, even after kicking off those pesky four-inch work heels. No equipment is required—all you need are sneakers, a t-shirt, running shorts, and your iPod on shuffle.

1. Arms and Legs: Overhead Squat

How: Take squat stance—feet a little wider than shoulder length apart—and lift a rolled up towel above your head (only piece of equipment you’ll need, I promise). Match your grip on the towel to the stance of your feet; then lift the towel directly above your head. Squat down as far as possible, making sure your knees never pass your toes. This is one rep. Beginners should do four sets of ten. To make this exercise a little harder speed up your reps.

Personal Tip: When doing this exercise I found speeding up every other set was effective in varying my heart rate.

Time Spent: Seven Minutes

2.  Arms: Plank to Pushup

How: Get into pushup position with your arms below your shoulders. Bend your elbows and shift your weight to your forearms. Tighten your core and then press your body back into the pushup position. This is one rep. Beginners should do three reps of ten.

Personal Tip: I found that tightening my abs while doing this exercise made it more of a full body workout.

Time Spent: Ten minutes

3. Abs: The Super Circuit

How: The abs circuit is a combination of five different kinds of abdominal exercises. The idea is to power through each exercise with no breaks. That’s one set. Try and do two full sets of each:

  • Russian Twist: 50 reps
  • Side Crunches: 25 reps for each side
  • Double Crunch: 25 reps
  • Bicycle Crunch: 50 reps
  • Normal Crunch: 20 reps

Personal Tip: If I notice I’m trying to speed up and its hurting my form, I’ll slow down and really concentrate on my movement instead of my speed.

Time Spent: Thirteen minutes

These three exercises take thirty minutes, which is a tiny percentage of your entire day. Total Cost? Zero dollars. Watching your bank account grow, while your waistline drops? Priceless.

Until next time!

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P.S. Want something a little more challenging for that work event you have coming up on Friday? Try Jillian Michael’s 50 minute YouTube Video workout; she”ll kick your butt every time.


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