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With Christmas season now in full swing, Thanksgiving may feel like a distant memory. However, when you open your fridge, the heaping pile of leftovers serves as a reminder of last week’s feast. Food waste is one of the biggest sources of money waste. You know that eating leftovers can save you money and time, but the thought of eating yet another turkey sandwich may make you cringe a little. Sounds like you need some recipe inspiration.

One of my favorite places to search for recipes is Pinterest. Check out my Pinterest board with my best pins of Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes! There’s a recipe for every palate:

This weekend, I tried a Tex-Mex Turkey Soup recipe from AllRecipes.com to help use up the endless amounts of leftover turkey in my fridge. It was relatively simple to make, which is good because like most of you guys, I don’t have a lot of time to spend cooking. For how easy it was to make it was also quite delicious! I ate it with cornbread and tortilla chips and I would definitely recommend the tortilla chips if you are going to make this soup! If you like your food spicy, just add a little hot sauce to amp up the spicy factor. Keep this recipe in mind for a cold night when you’re just in the mood for an easy-to-make, warm bowl of soup. 

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In addition to Pinterest and AllRecipes.comFitness magazine also offers some yummy alternatives to the turkey sandwich! Are there any recipes I’ve shown you today that you are dying to try? Or better yet, what are your personal favorite recipes that you make with your Thanksgiving leftovers? Please share in the comments sections below!

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