fashion friday

It’s Friday again – time for your weekly dose of fashion advice! One of the biggest expenses in the real world can be buying clothing, especially when you want to get a job and need to look the part.

For those of us brave enough to turn to the thrift store to solve this problem, we know that it can be a bit overwhelming. However, a trip to Goodwill can seem much less daunting when you go into it with some goals in mind.

There are certain pieces of clothing that act as a base for any wardrobe. These staple pieces are timeless, versatile, and a must for any young professional’s closet.  The best part is they can all be found for next to nothing at thrift stores, as long as you have some patience and a keen eye.

Here are a few classic items to be on the lookout for during your next trip to the thrift store:

  • Black blazer: You can’t go wrong with one of these. Just throw it on over a plain old button up and you are good to go!
  • White button up: This is quite possibly the most versatile piece of clothing. It can be paired with just about anything, layered, dressed up, or dressed down.
  • Pencil skirt: This is a great piece in just about any color, but especially neutrals. It can be paired with button ups, blouses, and even sweaters for a fun, yet still professional look. They are also very easy to hem if you find one a bit long for your liking.
  • Black slacks: These are the perfect option for the winter months when dresses and skirts are not cutting it in the cold. Whether they are skinny or have a wider leg, they can be paired with anything. They are also easily hemmed if needed.
  • Black dress: While the little black dress typically makes us think of a party scene, a tasteful one also works very well in an office setting. They can be paired with any type of blazer, cardigan, or jacket and are great with pops of color!

While you may find lots of bright, fun, and wild prints at the thrift store, it can be helpful to keep an eye out for staples like these, as well. These basics will pair well with anything; so don’t let the bold prints distract you from these classics!  They will make getting dressed much easier in the professional world.

Here is one of my most cherished thrift store finds: my little black dress.

Photo by Katie Kelly
Photo by Katie Kelly

It is so easy to throw it on with a blazer, like the one pictured above, and it has acted as a base for so many outfits in my professional wardrobe.

Check out these pins for some inspiration on styling these wardrobe staples, and keep them in mind next time you hit the thrift store!

Happy hunting!



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