The weekend is finally here! Time to get out of the house and have little fun without emptying you’re entire bank account.

Here are 8 great date ideas to try with your boy toy or your best friend! (I’m single but I know what I’m talking about, I swear)

1. It’s simple, but taking a nice WALK or a HIKE can be relaxing and enjoyable. I love taking a friend and my dog just walking around the neighborhood or trekking through campus! Bring your other half to the closest park and see a beautiful waterfall, and maybe open a bottle of wine. Warm or chilly, a nice long walk can be much needed.

Photo by Kayla Marsh
Photo by Kayla Marsh
Photo by Kayla Marsh Hiking a trail at Great Falls Park with a breathtaking view.
Photo by Kayla Marsh 

2. A movie night is always a good idea– cliché right? Movie ticket prices have skyrocketed these days, but I try and attend $5 movie night every Wednesday. So pick and movie and a time that works for you! Sneak in your own snacks.

3. Another $5 per person date: Go to a winery for a tour. You’ll get educated, and score free samples of wine and cheese on your date!

4. If you can’t afford Beyoncé tickets, good news; there are other musical options. My friend Sarah and her boyfriend Jake sometimes just go hangout at a cafe listening to live music for an hour or two. Buy a few drinks and enjoy a local band or artist performance.

5. Ice skating is more pricey, but worth it! There’s the initial fee, plus a smaller skate rental fee (unless you already own some). Spend and hour or two frolicking and getting cozy on the ice in the brisk December air! Every time I’ve been, there’s great music and a fun/friendly atmosphere. Top it off with some hot cocoa when you get home!

Photo by Kayla Marsh
Photo by Kayla Marsh

6. Cooking for your partner has to be a no-brainer, am I right? Stay in for the night with a home cooked meal. My sister Emily always recites her favorite ritual, “Spaghetti, two massages, one bubble bath.” Priceless.

7. Have the happiest of hours at your favorite bar! Cheap drinks, pool table, and a jukebox. I know I’ve hit the jackpot when I find happy hour AND karaoke in the same place–SCORE!

8.  Cuddle up outside to a romantic campfire. My fire pit at home has made me some great memories.

Comment below with your great date ideas and favorite movie/bowling/skating night deals!

Check out my Pinterest board for more date inspiration



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